METIME enables you to:

Build a Profile and Manage your live CV

Search for work opportunities - Or find people to work for you

Link with other METIME users

Trade with other METIME users

Some words about us

METIME is a free global human search and facilitation tool offering access to human resources and services.

It is our vision to create a METIME network where anybody can work within a sector that they are skilled and equipped in - at a time that suits them - with whomever they prefer to work for - through a freely accessible tool and solution driven product.


  • There are not enough jobs, but there is enough work!
  • Serve Others How You Want To Be Served
  • Humans ARE the greatest Resource
  • Enable! Everybody has something to offer
  • Make the world work for you


METIME offers the following features to those who choose to host their profile on our platform, namely:

Search Tool

Search for Jobs and Staff.


Task Orientated Calendar.

Ideas Bank

Entrepreneurial resource to enable collaboration and growth.

Moving at Your Own Pace

Make Work Possible and Uniquely Controllable.